A little history overview about overtone- and throat singing!


A little history overview about overtone- and throat singing! As I haven’t invented overtone singing, here’s an insight into its development in east and west. The video can also be watched on YouTube >HERE

Duration: 17 minutes

Files for download:
– video tutorial in HD (1,08 GB in three parts – to avoid big files download problems)
– PDF with all links to the resources and mentioned music


LINKS & RESOURCES (also in the pdf):

All infos about the book >HERE
Info about ordering >HERE

– Space Sound Voice – Full Documentary about Overtone Singing and Harmonics >HERE

– Arthur Miles >HERE
– Karlheinz Stockhausens Stimmung >HERE
– Demetrio Stratos, Cantare La Voce, 1978 >HERE
– David Hykes Hearing Solar Winds >HERE
– Michael Vetter & Natascha Nikeprelevic: >HERE
– Roberto Laneri >HERE
– Tran Quang Hai >HERE
– Tran Quang Hai is collecting literally EVERYTHING on overtones in his blog, for many more infos go >HERE
– The Sound of Harmonics: Hugo Zemp & Tran Quang Hai >HERE
– Huun Huur Tu live in concert >HERE
– Tuva Ensemble, Album: Chöömej – Throat Singing From The Center Of Asia >HERE
– Tuva: Voices from the center of Asia (Album, 1990) >HERE
– Hosoo in TV (german speaking) >HERE
– Hosoo & Transmongolia live in concert >HERE
– Toby Twining: Album Chrysalid Requiem, Kyrie >HERE
– Baird Hersey & Prana: Ahimsa >HERE
– Stuart Hinds singing Renaissance Man >HERE
– TV about Stuart Hinds (http://www.stuarthinds.com/): >HERE
– Wolfgang Saus webpage about the western style of overtone singing (in german): https://www.oberton.org
– many more really interesting infos, resources and sheetmusic can be found on Wolfgangs Website as well!


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