I’m very happy to share the news with you that I received a project funding from Neustart Kultur to produce a full album with the LAMBDOMA instrument! I am so much looking forward to it – we’ll start to record the album in may 2022 in Slovakia in a former synagogue which is nowdays used as an art-exhibition space. Some wonderful musician colleagues will be invited to participate in the project, along with Anna-Maria Hefele’s overtone singing and instruments.

NOW you have the chance to sign up with your email adress on the preorder list to be among the very first people receiving the album as soon as it is ready!!! No payment needed yet – you’ll receive an email from Anna-Maria when we’re ready to order 🙂

Right now you can already purchase a full 27-minutes performance of Anna-Maria solo with the Lambdoma, you’ll receive access to the video and to the downloads of the music, photos and info-pdf (for only 5 Euro alltogether) HERE: https://overtone.academy/product/lambdoma