Binaurally Mixed Audiofiles For Download, Video, Photo, Info-PDF about the Lambdoma



Get the exclusive 27-minute solo performance of Anna-Maria Hefele with voice, overtone singing, and Lambdoma in high resolution audio files. Also included are the Link and Passcode for an ad-free, downloadable video of the performance on Vimeo. Below, you can find the YouTube video of the performance.

For the best experience, use headphones – it’s mixed binaurally to make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the sound!

You will get three versions of the audio file to download.

  • High Quality 48kHz/24 bit .wav
  • CD Quality 44.1kHz/16 bit .wav
  • 320 kb/s .mp3


  • Learn about the project and LAMBDOMA in the INFO-PDF.
  • Ad-free Full HD Video on Vimeo.
  • Three high resolution photographs

The musical sculpture called LAMBDOMA was built by Josef Baier, an Austrian artist.
It originates from the ancient Lambdoma Matrix, attributed to the philosopher Pythagoras (500 BC).

Josef Baiers Lambdoma consists of four Lambdoma Matrixes arranged as a rectangle, creating a dome for both performer and listener to enter. The structure includes 256 tubes, up to 3 meters in length, all perfectly tuned in pure harmonic overtone and undertone series. The music and video were recorded live at Studienkirche St. Josef in Burghausen, Germany in 2021.

Working with LAMBDOMA was an incredible and touching experience for me, Anna-Maria Hefele. Since 2005, my continuous practice of overtone singing has granted me a thorough understanding of the tonal Lambdoma structure, giving me the ability to anticipate the position and interconnections of each note. This allowed me to connect with this wonderful instrument in a deeply joyful way.

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